Other Insurance in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana

Lilac Insurance Group offers also offers coverage that standard home, auto, and commercial policies normally don't provide. Sometimes you need to insure something that is simply hard to insure. That doesn't mean it can't be insured! Our unique carrier relationships mean we can find a policy for pretty much anything you need covered. Frankly the more unique, the better!

Some of our solutions include - 

  • Homes in high fire prone areas
  • Insurance for homes with knob & tube wiring
  • Unique business ventures
  • Collections and Antiques
  • Insurance for home based businesses
  • Earthquake only policies
  • Lessors risk insurance
  • Personal or Commercial customers with multiple claims
  • Industrial Operations
  • Commercial Auto & Trucking (including cargo)
  • Commercial Renovations
  • Large & Small event liability such as weddings or community events
  • Bonds
  • Manufacturing


We have dedicated solutions for needs such as: 

Farm & Crop Insurance

Agriculture is the lifeblood of the inland northwest. We work with land owners and leaseholders to cover liability, crops, and equipment. 

Earthquake Insurance

Many personal insurance carriers offer earthquake insurance. We find that purchasing earthquake insurance through a direct-writer such as Geovera, affords our clients the best rates, and the lowest earthquake insurance deductibles on the market.  


They say if it can rain, it can flood. We work with flood insurance carriers that write directly, or through government flood insurance programs. 

Sewer Line

Out of sight, out of mind. Until your sewer or water line breaks...Although it's connected to a public system, you're responsible for repairing a ruptured sewer line on your property, typically from the street connection to your home. Fortunately, you can gain peace of mind and greater financial security by insuring this crucial part of your home. Keep in mind that a sewer line policy is different from sewer backup insurance (which covers home damage caused by a backup). With aging home inventory, we find this coverage crucial as sewer/septic issues are one of our most common homeowners insurance claims.

Trucking Coverage (including cargo liability)

If you drive a commercial truck, the federal government expects you to carry liability coverage. It also requires some truckers to insure their cargo. The exact amount of necessary insurance varies based on the type and weight of the goods. Trucking coverage can potentially protect your business from incurring tremendous losses when an accident occurs.

Builder's Risk

A special type of policy covers construction projects. Partially completed buildings are often quite vulnerable to damage and theft of building materials. It's crucial to protect valuable fixtures and materials with builder's risk insurance. Furthermore, many businesses and agencies require their contractors to insure projects. One example is the government of King County, Washington. We work with dedicated carriers that strictly offer builders risk insurance. For projects large and small, commercial or residential, we can help.

Short-Term Rental

Numerous residents of Spokane, WA, and surrounding areas rent out properties as short-term vacation homes. Some people do this independently, while others use online platforms. Either way, the state requires adequate liability insurance. This coverage can safeguard homeowners from claims made by renters who suffer losses. Examples of short-term rental platforms include:

  • Airbnb
  • FlipKey
  • VRBO

If you're interested in any of these options, turn to Lilac Insurance Group LLC in Spokane, WA. Our independent agency insures many different kinds of property in one convenient place. To get started, please submit a quote request, text us, or call 509-747-2531 today.