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When most people think of a flood, they might think of events like Hurricane Katrina, or Hurricane Sandy, or most recently Hurricane Ian. These were huge devastating storms that caused billions of dollars in damage.

In reality, most floods are caused by far less catastrophic situations, and don’t make national news. In fact, it only takes a few inches of standing water to cause tens of thousands of dollars.

According to FEMA, over 25% of all flood insurance claims, are on properties located in an area deemed a low to moderate flood risk. Flood damage is the most common type of natural disaster to American Homeowners and virtually no home insurance policy covers flooding.

The Spokane, Coeur D’ Alene area experienced a number of flash floods in the spring of 2019. Days of rain, or sudden downpours cause the ground and sewer systems to become so overwhelmed, the water simply has no-where to go. This can happen in any of our neighborhoods, and send water seeping through your foundation into your basement, spilling through an egress window well, or backing up into your home through your sewer line.

Homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage

Regardless of whether you live in Spokane or any other part of Washington, flood insurance has to be purchased as a separate, stand-alone policy.

It is not covered by homeowners insurance.

Flood insurance policies also reimburse you for the work that you and other family members did to sandbag your homes, move furniture and remove debris.

If you live in certain flood zones, your mortgage company may require that you purchase a flood insurance policy. If you live outside a “high-risk” zone, or if you no longer have a mortgage, flood insurance is optional, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

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If you’re looking for flood insurance in Spokane we’ve got you covered. Did you know that every single house in the entire country is in a FEMA flood zone? It’s just that some flood zones are worse than others.

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