Waiting to shop your general liability insurance can cost you.

As a business owner and contractor, you wear more hats than a day at the Kentucky Derby.

Your’e the project manager, HR department, compliance officer, and conflict resolution specialists.

The critical item of business underpinning your entire operation is your general liability (GL) insurance. Without proper GL coverage, you cant bid jobs, maintain your license, and function with confidence.

As many contractors know, the expense of insurance coverage for your business can be significant, and the process can be time-consuming. One simple way to help you find more cost-effective insurance rates is to simply shop your policies early.

We often get contractors who need coverage right away. Don’t get me wrong, this is something we’re happy to facilitate. We help many clients who are in a bind, and need coverage yesterday.

However, we have access to several carriers who need time to properly underwrite and price a policy. Western National Insurance for example, is a high quality, very competitively priced carrier that affords some of the broadest coverage and best rates. The trade-off is that their not a company we can quote in one day. They have a 3-4 week lead time to provide a quote for a client. In-fact, many of our more specialized carriers and policies require more underwriting than what you may be used to. The benefit is a premium that is more competitive and provides better coverage for your operations.

These carriers want to fully understand the business they are quoting, and illustrate policies that make the most sense.

By starting the shopping process early, you put yourself in a better position to find the most competitive premiums. You also give your agent the time necessary to advocate on your behalf, and place your policy with a carrier and product that best fit the unique aspects of your business.

As a Trusted Choice independent insurance agency, we take our responsibility to find you the best rates, and broadest coverage very seriously.

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